Emeril FR7015001 vs Gordon Ramsay Everyday Deep Fryer

emeril lagasse's deep fryer vs gordon ramsay's deep fryer

It seems like these days every celebrity chef has their own line of cookware and appliances and these two world-famous TV chefs are no exception. Emeril’s fryer he designed with T-Fal is one of the best deep fryers that you can buy and Gordon Ramsay’s isn’t too shabby either.

Here’s a quick comparison at a glance of the key features of both of these stainless steel midsize deep fryers:

Gordon Ramsay Everyday Emeril FR7015001
rival gordon ramsay deep fryer emeril t-fal deep fryer FR7015001
Capacity 3 litre 2.65 lb / 3.3 litre
# of Baskets one one
Wattage 1500 watt 1700 watt
Oil Change Indicator no yes
Oil Temp Indicator Light yes yes
Integrated Oil Filter no yes
Warranty unknown limited 1-year
Material stainless steel stainless steel
Manufacturer Rival T-Ffal
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