Chef Gordon Ramsay Deep Fat Fryer

my fryer is out of production!

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s signature series deep fat fryer has been discontinued.

NOTE: This fryer was never really the greatest option for the money and was mostly bought by people who either really like Gordon Ramsay or who happen to shop at Kmart where this was primarily sold. It’s no longer available on Amazon (new or used) so if you want one it’d be best to search on eBay. Kmart has also stopped selling the Gordon Ramsay fryer so it’s most likely been all-together discontinued.

I strongly recommend that you shop around for other comparable deep fryers such as the affordable and capable Presto 05462 ProFry which provides a chef-quality fryer for less than $60. You may also want to read about the Emeril Lagasse fat fryer which is an excellent buy for those after a chef grade fryer.

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